The Art of Papi

  Papi in Work Shop New Town (standing next to CITIZINS exhibition)

Papi in Work Shop New Town (standing next to CITIZINS exhibition)

Meet Papi, artist, designer and creative entrepreneur. We sat down and discussed his projects, ambitions and how we hope to work together in future. 

Papi is one of those individuals who understands no borders, he has travelled across seas, studied abroad, and lived in various cities across Africa, Europe and America. This continental movement has etched within him a lust for creativity and sharing stories. Returning to is home base of Senegal, Papi hopes to develop the creative industries through the networks and experience he has gained. Partnering with other Senegalese creatives there is a lot excitement on the horizon for Senegalese brands pushing the boundaries of the local industry. 

Want to know more? First let's introduce you to Papi's art. He has a dynamic consumer base that collects and exhibits his Art. Which was why he was in South Africa to begin with. 

 Here is some of his work: (image Courtesy of the Art of Papi).

Beyond Papi's fine art practises, he is passionate about sustainable fashion in Africa. His own label, MWAMI manufactures authentic high quality garments straight out of Senegal. MWAMI strives to be a brand that is forward thinking in its design and manufacturing. While offering an inheritance of Senegalese aesthetic, each garment is constructed with exceptional textiles and silhouettes. 

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Many in the world are looking to have a taste of Africa, whether it be through interest or a lost inheritance - visitors alike hope to bathe in the beauty of this continent. This is equally true for the growing fashion industry. Brands like MWAMI are developing a new sense of expressing Africanism and it is not (only) through wax print. But through the telling of a contemporary African story. 

Senegal is home to many incredible creatives (such as Milcos of Nio Far). Together these creatives are working hard to elevate and encourage other Senegalese designers to be authentic in their expression of there culture. Which is why Papi co-hosted and coordinated an event in Senegal called Wax-Off  to showcase fashion brands that were creating garments outside of the limitations of wax fabrics. A refreshed appeal of African design. 

In addition to these projects, Papi is also the founder of DAKAR LIVES, a platform that showcases life in Dakar - or rather the lifestyle offered by the capital city. Dakar Lives shares an incredible story of daily life in a world class city through exceptional curation and crowd-sourced content. 

To explain the true Art of Papi would not be in his creation of garments and collectable art pieces, but in his energy and desire to see his country and continent flourish and be appreciated for it's amble talents. We parted with a new sense of excitement for our continent and those who are shaping new narratives. Thanks Papi. 

P.s. How does he achieve so much?... He doesn't really sleep, we asked!

-The Work Shop New Town team.