Interested in opening a shop in The Workshop?

Do you meet the following criteria: 

  • Designed and/or manufactured in Africa
  • Does your product tell a story?
  • Your product needs to show quality and durability; be executed to a high standard
  • Originality and authenticity and observance of intellectual property (i.e. no copies) 
  • The product should be a viable commercial product and have the potential of being financially successful
  • Have all legalities in place
  • Once the tenant has been accepted, only product that has gone through the approval process can be sold, with regular updates or range extension.

If you meet the above the criteria:

There are two options for you:-

1. A Pop-up (one day, one week, or one month option)

2. A long term tenancy agreement.

Please download the relevant application forms. Once you have completed the attached application, send it on to with the requested supporting documents. 

Pop-up application form

Full application form

We look forward to hearing about your concept, brand/product.